Who is Pro Financial Health For?

  • Incorporate financial literacy into your existing wellness program
  • Educate and engage your employees on their benefits
  • Reduce employee financial stress & Increase employee productivity
  • Measure your workforce financial literacy
  • Set yourself apart from everyone else with valuable financial resources
  • Provide your organization’s participants with a valuable and unique financial tool
  • Reduce your organization’s financial stress and focus on what matters most
  • Add financial literacy to your client services
  • Generate leads / nurture client relationships
  • Reduce clients’ financial stress
  • Measure financial literacy

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Customize Your Concerns

Best-in-class co-branding

We use your logo and colors to promote financial literacy as an extension of your brand.

Insanely customizable

Turn features on/off and push custom content and videos through your custom offering.

On-call financial experts

Certified Educators in Personal Finance® ensure employees get the best advice.

Financial Wellness Resources

Pro Financial Health works to educate people about recent news relating to retirement, healthcare, and personal finance. We are capable of putting the provocative resources together through careful analysis of the recent trends and strategies in financial wellness.

What is Financial Wellness?

Financial Wellness is planning sensibly for your short-term needs while maintaining focus and efforts towards your long-term goals. It’s simply not enough for an individual to start a plan without consistently managing it over time while measuring progress. We believe Financial Literacy is based off 4 Core Principles:

  • Controlling Day to Day Finances (Budget)
  • Ability to absorb a Financial Shock (Emergency Fund)
  • Establishing and Tracking Financial Goals (Goal Setting and Monitoring)
  • Freedom from stressful money decisions (Reducing Financial Stress)

Why is it Important?

  • 1 in 3 employees site financial issues as a distraction at work = 12-20 hours per month lost by the employer. 2013 Price Waterhouse Financial Wellness Survey.
  • Employer cost for not providing basic financial education that changes behaviors can be $7,000 per employee, per year! Center For Financial Services Innovation 2017.
  • Initial ROI studies on Financial Wellness statistics show $2.80 return for every $1.00 invested. IFEPB2017.

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